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Shi Zhu


He worked in the Ministry of Commerce for 15 years and worked as a business consul in New Zealand. He is currently the director of the Real Estate Investment Fund of BOC Hong Kong, the director of the Monetary Investment Fund, the independent director of Hualian International (0969.HK), a Hong Kong listed company controlled by Sinopec Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Investment and Development Corporation, the chairman of Jefferson Capital, and the executive director and vice-chairman of the Business Association of the National Administrative College of China (Hong Kong). Secretary general.
Launched and chaired the Chinese Culture Foundation, a Hong Kong charity, under section 88 of the Tax Ordinance, dedicated to Chinese cultural philanthropy.

Wang ZheFeng

Executive director

He worked in the asset management department of China Construction Bank, worked as a project manager in the China Representative Office of Wellcome Foundation in the United States in 2003, worked as an independent enterprise operation consultant in several large enterprises, founded Sanhong Asset Management Co., Ltd. in 2015 and served as an executive director.
It has operated 10 billion non-performing assets packages such as Huarong and Xinda, participated in nearly 20 Zhongguancun technology incubation projects in the form of equity, and led nearly 1.5 billion yuan-scale business and asset restructuring projects of enterprises under the jurisdiction of Beijing SASASAC.
The operation of industry and finance involves commercial department stores (Langfang Lesheng Square), mining (Southeast Asia 24_large-scale mining) and so on.

Qiu XiaoHua

Chief economic adviser

Ph. D. of Beijing Normal University, Professor of Xinhua University of Business, Professor of Macau City University and Director of Economic Research Institute, Chief Economist of Minsheng Securities, Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Zijin Mining Industry. Former director of the National Bureau of statistics. He has published more than 400 papers on economic statistics in well-known domestic journals, including The Road to China and New Thoughts on China's Economy.