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Companies to introduce
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Companies to introduce

Shenzhen sanhong asset management co., LTD. Is a powerful asset management company with strong background. People's Daily is its strategic investor. The company consists of a group of financial veterans with an international vision, with a flat organizational structure as the basis of management and a stable and efficient operation principle. We should follow the business philosophy of internationalization, marketization and innovation and actively promote the development and innovation of industrial finance.

Based on shenzhen and Hong Kong, relying on the resource advantages of the financial industry, and taking the promotion of China's industrial integration as its mission, sanhong capital management has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many Shanghai companies, asset management companies and private equity fund companies. At the same time, the company has reached strategic cooperation with the equity investment development center of yunnan provincial government financial office, involving agricultural industry, financial services, supply chain finance, pan-culture investment, m&a fund and other fields.

Ability is the core advantage. Relying on the professional investment and research ability, we independently develop foreign high-quality project resources to build the asset side and meet the investment demand of the asset side.

Three values

Authoritative professional


Excellent enterprise decision-making and business control

Promise is good, responsibility is good

Heavy, and trustworthy


Honesty is the basis of serving the society

Authoritative professional, achievement value

Team management


100% focus on all aspects of customer needs

The enterprise culture


Three living things, wang ze the whole world, the capacity of the sea and large, because of the situation and become a long ——LaoZi

Three acquisitive advantage

Service leading

Sanhong asset management focuses on providing professional selection, asset allocation and portfolio management services of cross-border financial investment products for enterprises and uhnw clients.

Risk control mechanism

Sanhong capital management makes full use of its own research and development “ Comprehensive risk management system ” To strictly grasp the risk control screening standards, and sign the fund custody agreement with a number of Banks in terms of capital security, and invite “ PWC. Audit and approve each business of the company.

Investment direction

With the best comprehensive operation ability in the industry, sanhong capital management has established stable and long-term strategic cooperative partnership with a number of high-quality financial institutions in China.

Investment direction includes:

The fund plan covers the political and information project, capital management plan and trust plan , and provides domestic and overseas asset allocation and private equity projects for enterprises and ultra-high net worth clients.

Asset management covers private equity m&a, environmental protection industry funds, financial leasing, and government special fund management, among which products include merger and acquisition funds, mezzanine funds, follow-on investment funds and real estate funds.

Sanhong asset management has formed a rich product supply line dominated by fixed income products and supplemented by steady income products, and it is the most competitive comprehensive financial service institution in the wealth management of high-end population in China.

  • The trust plan

  • Information technology plan

  • Credit project