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    Independent, objective, fair and prudent integrated financial management


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    Diversified investment channels and portfolio allocation solutions


about us

Company Introduction: Shenzhen Sancha Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a strong and strong background asset management company, and People's Daily is its strategic investor. The company is composed of a group of financial veterans with international vision. Based on the flat organizational structure, the company operates on the principle of stability and efficiency. Following the business philosophy of internationalization, marketization and innovation, we will actively promote the development and innovation of industrial finance. Based on the resources advantages of the financial industry, Sanyi Asset Management is committed to promoting China's industrial integration and establishing long-term strategic partnerships with a number of listed companies, asset management companies and private equity firms. Strategic cooperation with the Yunnan Provincial Government Financial Office Equity Investment Development Center in various fields including agricultural industry, financial services, supply chain finance, pan-cultural investment, and M&A funds



_HONG DYNAMICS Work hand in hand to realize the dream of science creation
[Hong·Dynamic] Professor Qiu Xiaohua became the chief economic adviser of Sancha Asset Management
On July 1, 2018, Mr. Shi Zhu, Chairman of Sancha Asset Management, and the former Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China,
Professor Qiu Xiaohua, an economist, officially attended the S
[Hong·Dynamic]Professor qiu xiaohua is the chief economic adviser of sanhong asset management
On July 1, 2018, Mr. Shi Zhu, Chairman of Sancha Asset Management, and the former Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China,
Professor Qiu Xiaohua, an economist, officially attended the
[Hong·Dynamic]New era, new journey sanhong capital management relocation ceremony achieved complete success
On July 1, 2018, the moving ceremony of the headquarters of sanhong asset management company was held in the new office area on the 38th floor of avic center


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    The product manager


    Responsible for product and industry knowledge training and financial industry related policy research; Internal and external training and roadshow for fund products

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    Wealth managers


    Through the comprehensive financial demand analysis of high-end customers, we help customers to make asset allocation plans and provide professional financial advice to customers

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    Secretary position


    Responsible for summarizing and filing monthly reports of all departments of the company, convening monthly reports and recording meeting minutes, tracking and feedback

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    Intermediate team manager


    Define sales target according to company development strategy; Break down goals to help team members define sales goals






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